S3745 – Low frequency piezoelectric transducer 500 KHz

Low-frequency ultrasonic transducer for transmitting and receiving the longitudinal ultrasonic waves

A general-purpose ultrasonic transducer S3745 can be applied for ultrasonic testing of various materials and products to detect material flaws using transmitting and receiving ultrasonic longitudinal waves. The transducer can be used as a part of ultrasonic low frequency flaw detectors in pulse-echo mode or ultrasonic pulse velocity testers in through-transmission mode.

The transducer can be driven by following ACS instruments:

Type of transducer Piezoelectric, single crystal
Type of generated wave mode Longitudinal
Nominal frequency 500 kHz
Effective aperture 30 mm
Delay time in transducer protector 0.1 ms
Piezo-element electric capacity 9.800 ± 2.000 pF
Maximum excitation pulse voltage, V ± 200 V
Operating temperature range –30...+50°C
Connector type LEMO00.250
Overall dimensions 36.5 х d40 mm
Weight 220 gr