S0807 – compression wave transducer for structural health monitoring applications 70 KHz

Specialized compression wave transducer for embedding into solid and viscous media.

A specialized ultrasonic transducer S0807 with the nominal frequency 70 KHz is meant for excitation or acquiring ultrasonic compression waves waves in highly scattering materials. The transducer is designed to operate under elevated temperatures and pressure to be embedded into infrastructural elements during constructions for condition monitoring during the exploitation.

Transducer type Embedded compression wave transducer
Nominal frequency 70 KHz
Band width 50 to 90 KHz
Capacity 17.000 pF ± 1.000 pF
Maximal pulse voltage (peak-to-peak) ± 200 V
Temperature range -20 to +130ºC
Pressure resistance Up to 8 MPa
Weight 124 g