M2103 – longitudinal wave DPC transducer array 100 KHz

Low-frequency ultrasonic transducer array for through-transmission of thick concrete structures by means of transmitting and receiving longitudinal ultrasonic waves

A general-purpose low-frequency transducer array with the nominal frequency of 100 KHz for the dry-point-contact (DPC) transmitting or receiving ultrasonic waves in highly scattering materials (concrete, wood, stones etc.).

The 12 element DPC array perform transmitting or receiving of longitudinal ultrasonic waves. A couple of M2103 allow through-transmission of very thick components (up to 5 meters).

The transducer can be driven by following ACS instruments:

Transducer type Dry Point Contact transducer array
Generated wave mode Longitudinal
Nominal frequency 100 KHz
Band width 10 to 130 KHz
Capacity 3.500 pF ± 100 pF
Maximal pulse voltage (bipolar) 400 V (peak-to-peak)
Connector type Lemo00
Temperature range -20 to +50ºC
Dimensions 139,5 х 105,5 х 83,5 mm
Weight 1.1 kg