MH100 - floor scanning tool for A1040 MIRA 3D

Customized gadget for scanning floor surfaces by A1040 MIRA 3D in operator’s standing position.

The floor scanning tool is designed for facilitating the operator’s work while scanning horizontal floor surfaces without kneeling. The gadget is suitable for both configurations of A1040 MIRA 3D. In 1 – 2 minutes can be re-mounted from the single to the double unit as well as folded to the transport position in a hard case.

One of the frequent applications of the ultrasonic concrete tomographs of MIRA Series is 2-dimensional scanning of concrete floors for locating reinforcement elements and material flaws. When scanning large areas, the work might become an exhausting activity for operator. Using the MH100 scanning tool the scanning performance can be significantly speeded up on a very comfortable manner for operator.

The scanning tool can be used with following instruments:

Parameter Value
Height in operating position, cm 85
Height in transport position, cm 45
Weight, kg 4,2
Foldable mounts 2
Magnetic tabletop for tablet-PC 1
Fixing screws 10
Hard case 1