A1610 BondVisor

The instrument for non-destructive testing bonded or laminated components by Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA)

Product Description

A1610 BondVisor is a handheld instrument for detecting delaminations and other material defects by manually scanning the inspection area. Changes in mechanical impedance created by defects and imperfections in laminated materials and honeycomb structures. The coupling of the sensor is done dry without coupling liquid. The constant pressure of the spring-loaded sensor guarantees stable and reliable indications.

Special features

  • Rapid start: new operators do not need extensive training
  • Easy calibration: in-field automatic sensor calibration on the inspection object
  • Stable and reliable operation on rough/uneven surfaces due to spring-loaded sensor design
  • Customized sensor design for specific material combinations can be provided on a bilateral agreement basis


The main application field of the A1610 BondVisor is the non-destructive testing of laminated components and bondings.

The instrument is applicable for the following materials and material combinations:

  • Multilayered laminates
  • Fiber-laminate materials
  • Laminate-honeycomb bonding
  • Laminate-metal bolding
  • Metal-metal bonding
  • Metal soldering
  • Metal-feltmetal brazing
  • Foams (hard and soft)
  • Wood laminates

Possible sources of material defects:

  • Impact damages by foreign objects
  • Hail & lightning strikes
  • Loss of strength caused by heat
  • Thickness variations
  • Osmosis damages of fiberglass boats


Measurement principle Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA)
Inspection range by two MIA transducers 0.15 mm to 13 mm / 0.006 to 0.5 inches (depending on material properties)
Flaw detection capability 

For laminated components: > dia 8 mm / 0.3 inch

For metal alloy bondings: > dia 0.5 mm / 0.02 inch

with the sizing accuracy < 25%

Transmitter type Pulse excitation
Electronic unit dimensions

159 x 77 x 35 mm

6.3 x 3 x 1.4 inches
Weight 0.3 kg / 0.66 lbs
Display 2.4-inch color display 240x320 TFT
Battery type 3 x NiMH accu/battery with ³ 2.700 mAh
Battery operation time up to 20 hours

PC interface

USB (for loading user pre-sets)
Environmental conditions

Air temperature range:

10 to 50 °C / 50 to 122 °F

Humidity: up to 98% (at 20 °C)

Delivery kit

Electronic unit 1
Single-element MIA transducer 1
Dual-element MIA transducer 1
Reference block Co-91 1
Exchangeable NiMH battery 3
USB data cable 1
Flash drive with recovery 1
Power supply 1
Warranty certificate 1
Hard case 1