S3850 – pulse-magnetized EMAT transducer with circular polarization 4 MHz

EMAT ultrasonic transducer for transmitting and receiving the ultrasonic shear waves with the novel pulse magnatization technology.

An electro-magnetic acoustic transducer S3850 for the couplant-free transmitting and receiving ultrasonic shear waves by the novel electromagnetic biasing technology (pulse magnetization) can be used for thickness measurements by A1270 EMAT.

The transducer can be driven by following ACS instruments:

Transducer type EMAT (electro-magnetic biasing, no permanent magnet)
Nominal frequency 4 MHz
Effective aperture 8 mm
Overall dimensions: 23x29 mm
Maximal pulse voltage (peak-to-peak) ± 200 V
Cable length: 1000 mm
Weight 14 g