A1570 EMAT (OEM)

OEM Ultrasonic Pulser-Receiver frontend unit for couplant-free thickness measurements by means of electromagnetic acoustic transducers

A1570 EMAT is the high-end EMAT data acquisition frontend unit designed for integration in automated inspection setups & scanning systems (crawlers) for couplant-free thickness measurements on metallic objects. The pulser and receiver of A1570 EMAT can drive the regular EMAT transducers with permanent magnets as well as the novel EMAT probes with pulse magnetization. The instrument possesses an integrated battery and wireless data interface for stand-alone operation.

With the well-documented SDK the user is enabled to develop his own software applications for customized inspection tasks. 

A1570 EMAT is dedicated to conducting ultrasonic thickness measurements by means of electromagnetic-acoustic transducers. The instrument is suitable for variety of applications, such as:

  • Automated and mechanized corrosion testing on pipelines and storage tanks
  • Thickness measurements on boiler tubes & heat exchangers
  • Ultrasonic measurements on high-temperature objects
  • In-Situ ultrasonic stress measurements


Output voltage, Volt

Bipolar burst ± 200 V, ± 400 V, ± 600 V

Excitation sequence, periods

0.5 to 9

Pulse repetition rate, Hz

up to 60 with the averaging factor 32




Data acquisition length, Samples

up to 8 KSamples

Sampling rate, MHz

25 MHz, 50 MHz, 100 MHz

Receiver bandwidth, MHz

1 to 15 MHz

Dynamic range of the amplifier including Time Corrected Gain (TCG), dB

40 dB

Averaging factor

up to 32





up to 100 MBit

WiFi 802.11b/g/n / Bitrate:802.11n

up to 150Mbps

External trigger output

TTL + RS485 pulse signal




For EMAT with pulse magnetization

Lemo 2K (EGG.2K.810.CLL1/EGG.2K.810.CLL1)

For EMAT with permanent magnet

Lemo 00 (ERN.00.250.CTL)




Dimensions of the electronic block

320 х 165 х 55 mm

Weight of the electronic block

1650 g


Name Quantity, pcs.
А1570 – EMA thickness gauge electronic unit 1
EMA transducer S7394 1
Rod-Housing Assembly MH730 1
Single LEMO 00 - LEMO 00 cable 2.5 m 1
Net adaptor with cable 220V-15V 1
USB A – Micro B cable 1
Hard case 1