B-SCAN mode in the EMA thickness gauge A1270

B-SCAN mode in the EMA thickness gauge A1270

Dear Sirs!

Our company has released a new version of the firmware of the electro-magnetic acoustic thickness gauge A1270.

Now, in addition to the MEMORY and A-SCAN modes, B-SCAN mode is implemented in the device.

The B-SCAN mode is used to search for corrosion damage during scanning of the inspection object. Graphical B-scan is formed from the results of measurements obtained during scanning.

A1270 is EMA thickness gauge with an innovative electro – magnetic biasing technology implemented in EMA transducers.
Please note that the delivery period of the EMA thickness gauge A1270 has been reduced to 10 days!

For purchase, please, contact us by phone: +49 (0) 681-96592270 or e-mail: info@acs-international.com