A1207D LevelGauge

Ultra-compact measurement equipment for direct oil level measuring in gear box of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. The Mercedes-Benz part number is W000588091900. The instrument price amounts to 990 EURO plus shipping cost.

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Product Description

An innovative oil level gauge for noninvasive measuring of gearbox oil by means of ultrasound allows a very quick and simple measurement operation via connecting of ultrasonic probe on the dedicated bayonet fitting and direct indication of the oil level value on the instrument display.


After switch ON the device and applying some couplant to the ultrasonic probe connect the probe to the car gearbox by turning the bayonet connector and compare the displayed result to the value correlating to the measured oil temperature from the diagnosis instrument.


Description Dimension Value
Human-Device interaction Digital display, buttons
IT – Device Bluetooth interface
Power supply to the device USB3 Connection
Device – material supply Couplant to be applied by user
Time Limits
Uninterrupted operation Hours 16 hours max.
Lifetime for device and probe: Hours 18,000
Functionality check Before each use
Cleaning After each use
Inspection Once per year
General description
Dimensions mm 125 x 25 x 15
Weight g 40
Display mm 30 x 10
Display update rate Hz 10
Probe connection LEMO 0
Operating time of accumulator Hours > 8
Ambient temperature °C -10 to +80
Dimensional units mm / inch selectable
Measuring range, sonic run-time mS 16 to 160
Tolerance mS ± 1

Delivery kit

• Ultrasonic Measuring Device with safety strap
• Ultrasonic probe
• Lemo-cable for connecting measuring device with the ultrasonic probe
• USB cabel
• Control block
• Charging unit
• User manual
• Service book
• Hard case