S5096 – angle-beam transducer 5 MHz / 45°

Angle-beam ultrasonic transducer for transmitting and receiving the ultrasonic shear waves

The ultrasonic angle-beam transducer S9065 is used to perform ultrasonic flaw detection in metallic, plastic and composite materials by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic shear waves. The transducer can be used as a part of ultrasonic flaw detectors in pulse-echo mode.

The transducer can be driven by the following ACS instruments:

Type of transducer angle-beam, piezoelectric
Type of generated wave mode shear
Nominal frequency 5 MHz
Effective transducer aperture diameter 6 mm
Piezo-element electric capacity 1500 ± 150 pF
Maximum excitation pulse voltage, V ± 250 V
Operating temperature range –30...+50°C
Connector type LEMO00.250
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 22 mm
Weight 14 gr