Tomographic UT of concrete infrastructure

Your Benefits

  • Improved safety of the concrete infrastructure due to exclusion of gross failures while production and construction
  • Better understanding of production processes
  • New opportunities for insurance concepts

Competent and professional team


Leading edge technology – 3D tomography


Fast and reliable inspection service


Established qualification for Process and testing

What you get / Our Service

  • Screening of reinforced concrete structures with its volumetric 3D representation
  • Experience-based solution for your inspection task
  • “Deep-penetration” imaging with up to 2.5 meters (depending on the concrete quality)
  • Customized reporting for your testing application

What we can

  • Detection of reinforcement and cladding tubes, tendon ducts
  • Flaw detection in concrete (cavities, honeycombs, misruns, cracks)
  • Evaluation of concrete strength
  • Wall-thickness measurement of concrete constructions
  • Design and documentation of customized testing process including qualification

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